Is it Time for New Rules in the Media & Entertainment Industry

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For decades media companies producing newspapers, magazines, radio and broadcast stations have ruled the roast, they were putting up strong numbers in growth, revenue and profit margins! Profit margins routinely exceeded 30% justifying large head counts & aggressive expansion through acquisitions.

Today is a new day, a time for new rules in the media and entertainment industry. Yesterday media companies around the world are facing their own economic crisis. Newspapers are closing or cutting jobs at an unprecedented rate. Broadcast television and radio are loosing audiences at never experienced before rates. Magazines are in a constant state of flux and change as they try to preserve their audiences and decrease their production costs.

Fragmented audiences are at the core of yesterday’s media & entertainment company problems.

The growth of the internet and its next generation media companies are playing havoc with the ability of old line companies to project their sales and growth.

News, stories, photos, videos and graphics are the lifeline of the media and entertainment industry.

The integration of the internet is the future of the industry, however the current/historical infrastructure and management structure are not suited for where the internet is going…..and it is going there (next generation media and entertainment model) fast.

The playing field is changing, opportunities to influence and shape the future of the media and entertainment industry. This raises the question… Is it time for new rules in the media and entertainment industry?

We believe that next generation companies like GrapevineStar and many others have the right structure, resources and management structure for the internet especially those that are without the excessive debt carried by larger older companies.

The Media & Entertainment Pros Group would like to hear your professional opinions…. Is it time for new rules?

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GrapevineStar Media and Entertainment is Next Generation

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GrapevineStar Entertainment Inc. (GSE) is a Multi Media Merchandising company engaged in providing broadcast, cable and social media solutions to businesses. GSE is in the business of distributing, developing, managing, licensing and sales of intellectual properties. The company aiids businesses in their brand development and marketing. The company focuses on intellectual properties that can be integrated, monetized and leveraged via social media, mobile, television, Internet, books, toys, games and retailers.
It’s synergisticaly managed television and social media infrastructure, niche communities, products, services, intellectual property and social media based solutions go deeper than existing offerrings by providing deeper and more meaningful distribution and services to its users and customers.
The integration of TV, Social Media, Multi-platform distribution Proprietary intellectual properties, Consumer products, Proprietary Systems & Events are at the core of our service offerings.

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Politics and Social Media…….The Next Level

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Politicians have taken to social media of late. President, Barack Obama of course took the use of social media to a next generation use level. We now have Tweeting Governors, You Tube politicians, we have Facebook being used by local and national political operations. The staffers on Capital Hill for members of Congress, in State Houses, County and City learder nationwide want to learn more about social media. The use of social media as primarily been used for PR if its being used at all.

Social media must be about more than just PR – they must utilize it to help get things done. Currently this is not being done. 

There are changes coming, The National Journal plans to launch a social network that is exclusive to and, email addresses to improve collaboration among Capital Hill employees and staffers. This site will be similar in functionality to Facebook and LinedIn

While this is an excellent use of social media by politicians and their staffers, it is clearly internally focused. Politicians serve as represenatives of the people that voted them into office. I believe it is equally important to use social media as an externally focused, collaboration and get things done tool for politicians and the people they serve.

What a great idea people/voters working together with politicains to get things done, making government work, while turning casual, social network site visitors into passionate supporters. …….our forefathers would be very proud of social media’s contribution to making government more for the people and by the people.

 For more information on using social media with cause or politically based projects visit

 About the Author ….Jacob R Miles III, Founder and CEO of GrapevineStar™ Entertainment Inc., a next generation media and entertainment company that develops and represents content for TV, Film, Internet, Publishing and Licensing. He is also co-founder with Scott Monaco and Senior Consultant for Social Media Analysts™, a social media consultancy, research firm and content publisher that operates a network of niche social networks. He has held various senior level engineering and operations positions with Toy, Entertainment, Internet and TV broadcasting companies, He currently resides in Grapevine, Texas (Dallas-Ft Worth)

Contact him at or

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